Looking for a 5 months internship starting February 2017


    Unity game “Copout”

    Solo project with focus on AI in C#, a cartoony endless driver about escaping the police
    AI features including A* pathfinding, behaviour trees and a squad system

  • Blender batch model exporter in Python

    Blender Python script to export multiple objects to individual files

  • Jump Point Search pathfinding in C++

    Implementation of the Jump Point Search algorithm in a SDL app, map loader and analysis together with A*

  • Optimizing an algorithm for code challenge

    Cutting the time to solve a problem to 1/30 by moving from brute force to a better method

  • Rochard clone in C++ framework

  • Small Unreal Tournament map

Personal information

I am a 21-year-old student from Germany, Digital Arts and Entertainment in Kortrijk, Belgium. I am in my final year following the Game Development major with a focus on gameplay programming.
For the last semester of my education I am looking for a ~5 months internship starting in February 2017.



HLSL, Unity CG

Solid understanding of Object Oriented programming in C++
Experience with C# programming in Unity and .NET
Basic experience with writing shaders in HLSL and CG for Unity


German German (native)
English English (fluent)



Visual Studio Visual Studio
3ds max 3Ds Max
Photoshop Photoshop
Blender Blender

Unreal Engine Unreal Engine

Unity Unity

Knowledge about the complete content creation pipeline including modeling, unwrapping, texturing, creating materials and rigging


Contact information
If you have any questions and want to get in contact with me, you can send me an email

I will try to reply as quick as possible.