Internship at Force Field VR

In early 2017 I started an internship as a game programmer at the studio Force Field VR in Amsterdam.
The studio, formerly known as Vanguard Entertainment, is specialized on producing high-end Virtual Reality games on different VR platforms.
During my 4 months at the studio I helped developing different projects on PC, PS4 and Gear VR on Android
using Unreal Engine 4.

Selected tasks I was working on:

• Implementing gameplay mechanics
  Working closely with designers, artists and other programmers I was implementing gameplay elements in C++.

• Performance profiling and optimization
  I used third-party and Unreal Engine profiling tools to find performance bottlenecks on mobile devices and PS4.

• Creating plugins for Unreal Engine
  To speed up the future development process I extended existing and created new, reusable plugins.

• Maintaining and writing readable and network safe code

• Setting up project for PS4 release
  I was responsible for preparing a project to run on the PS4. I was setting up the trophy system, platform specific files and      settings, deployed and tested builds on the console, and made sure TRC requirements are met